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Welcome to Our Dojo!

Dojo is a Japanese word that means “Place of the Way” or “Place of Learning”. A dojo is a community full of people practicing how to be better people. It’s all about family…celebrating each other’s successes, and offering support when we fail. This community comes in all shapes, sizes, ages, and backgrounds. This is a safe place, where students challenge each other, make mistakes, learn from them, and apply what they’ve learned out in the rapidly changing world.

Child & Teen Martial Arts

Safer, healthier, and happier…what more could you want for your kids?
Adult Programs

Add more years to your life, and more life to your years.

     There’s a lot to explore and a lot to learn at Windham Martial Arts and Mansfield Martial Arts. In their truest forms, most martial arts provide opportunities for balance. They condition the body, strengthen the mind, and expand the spirit. At times they are used to keep us safe. At times, they give us the strength to stand up and lead. Dig deep enough, and you will find that the martial arts are a journey of self-discovery which can aid us in unleashing our true potential. Our martial arts programs are designed for the whole family. Everyone can benefit from the martial arts, and just wait until you see the impact it will have at home, school, and work!

Martial Arts Day Camps
Martial Arts Birthday Parties

Kids Martial Arts

Adult Martial ArtsAdult Martial ArtsAdult Martial Arts